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Hunter Biden Collects $40 Million In Hush Money From Burisma ‘Settlement’

The Hunter Biden/Burisma scandal has — so far — not produced any evidence that could used against the President-Elect’s son. That’s because a vast system of corruption and scandalous lies by horrible swamp monsters has covered for him.

It looks like those days are over. According to our source inside the legal department in Ukraine’s oil industry, Hunter has struck gold once again and secured a free ride with taxpayer money for the foreseeable future.

Unconfirmed reports of a secret agreement reached between Burisma and Biden say that the price tag for silence is somewhere in the area of $40 million.

We dug a little deeper and found a portion of a shredded document with nearly enough characters on it to extrapolate a partial synopsis of one sentence, which suggested that Biden was free from any further investigation and that he had no legal recourse against Burisma in return.

The issue now will be tracking down the transaction itself, which is supposed to be made in negotiable bearer-bonds somewhere in Youngstown’s Mill Creek Park at or around midnight before next Thursday’s quarter-moon.

If they can prove that Biden actually met with Peter Burisma, this nonsense can be put to rest once and for all and they can all get locked up for tampering with Trump’s election.

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