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Hillary Clinton Caught On Video With Jill Biden – And People Are Saying It’s “Like A Natural Disaster Telethon”

Jill Biden is in the uncomfortable position of having to distract from Joe’s many failures. Most first ladies have their own, helpful, initiative for the country.

Jill, it seems, is throwing whatever she can out there, hoping it makes the administration look better. But to whom is she looking to help her win back disgusted voters? Hillary Clinton!

Yikes. And the video they put out over their community college program is just sad.

From Twitter:

“Dr.” Jill Biden and wanna-be-President Hillary Clinton are currently on a CRINGE zoom call that sounds like a telethon for a natural disaster.

Yikes, I can’t even watch. Hillary Clinton, whose recent attempt at reemerging before 2024 sunk, is now playing second banana for Jill Biden.

Apparently, the Clinton Foundation is still a thing (despite promises by the Clintons that it was going away). And they are partnering with Biden’s program to help more people go to community college.

Because, you know, that’s most underprivileged students’ dreams. Not to go to Harvard, but some broke community school to get an Associate’s Degree.

Critics blasted the “zoom” call, saying it looked like a national disaster telethon. It seems like Biden and Clinton were trying to raise support for this cause—or at least advertise it to people who might be interested.

But this is a far cry from anything that can remove the tarnish from this administration.

Biden’s approval numbers are worse than bad. The economy is in a wreck, taxes are high, and Americans can’t put food on the table.

That’s not even mentioning the war in Europe.

Biden can promise crummy community college all she wants—that’s not going to save this sinking ship. And the appearance of Crooked Hillary is only going to further hurt her goals.

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