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Harvard Admits Michelle Obama’s Degrees Are Fakes

Supposedly, Michelle Obama attended both Harvard and Princeton Universities for her degrees before becoming a lawyer and professor. It was bafflement for many on how the former first “lady” obtained such high ranking degrees.

Now the truth is finally coming to light. She didn’t.

Senior Manager of Housing for both universities, Sandy Batts, said in a statement:

“Michelle Obama didn’t technically attend school here. She and Barry held a fundraiser in 1982 that provided both schools with $7 million each. This was years before the scandals of parents buying their kids’ way into school. We, of course, had to just give them the degrees. It was $7 million!!!”

There are a few people that remember Michelle on campus during her fake “tenure” at the schools. They admit that while they did see her going to class and being on the dean’s list, it was obvious that she wasn’t a real student at the Ivy League Schools.

One student who attended Harvard in the 1950s, years before Michelle committed the fraud, said:

“Her transcript clearly listed her as the gender she isn’t. This nullifies all of the work she did during those years. We don’t like liars around these parts — or with those parts.”

The Obamas are laying low, hoping this discrediting of Michelle’s education will just go away.

It’s also been released that she can no longer practice law in nearly all of the states across the country. It’s only a matter of time before her entire law career is over. Ouch, you know that’s got to hurt.

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