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Harris Talks $20 Minimum Wage By 2022

The economy.  It’s the word that describes that thing about how the United States is faring with money.  I’m no dictionary, but I can tell you that it’s an important thing.

Since the days of Ronald Reagan, it’s been driven by a system of “trickle-down” policies, the idea that if tax rates are kept low on the top 2% of earners like corporations and conglomerates, that huge profit will “trickle down” all over the rest of us like a stream of sweet urine splashing over the upturned faces of the swarthy laborers.  So far, that plan, backed constantly by the Republican party, has worked out about as well as the live action version of Mulan.

Now, with a new Democratic administration leading the charge, it’s Vice President Kamala Harris is promising a future with a $20 an hour minimum wage to help shore up the economy that former morbidly obese failure Donald Trump and his mismanaged plague have ruined.  While many fat caucasian wall streeters balk, history shows that every time we’ve raised that figure, the economy has thrived.

Kamala’s Chief of Queefery, Sandra Batt, says the leap makes sense and will drastically improve the shitty situation that Trump left the country in.

“Real news – Trump’s plague brought the economy to a screeching halt – except for the ones who got richer, Amazon, Wal-Mart, even Netflix.  Trump’s tax cut helped them even more.  Did their billions in profit trickle down?  Not in the slightest.  Wal-Mart and Amazon in particular continue to pay substandard wages and their employees are supplemented by us, the taxpayers, even more.  When we can’t afford it.  Raising that standard wage amount won’t solve the problem.  But it will ease the pressure slightly.  Which is also what Joe Biden’s tax plan aims to address.”

Many of the old and infirm retired Trump blobs oppose the idea on it’s face because they already got theirs and are preparing to expire.  Maybe we should raise the take home pay of normal people while that Sweet Chariot swings low enough to drown them out.

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