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Govt. Contractor Unknowingly Rats Out Biden, “If This Gets Out, The Government Is BETRAYING The American People”

Under Barak Obama, the national discussion on the how-to process and define illegal aliens started to change. Eventually Obama arbitrarily, illegally, passed DACA, a de facto amnesty bill via a Presidential Executive Order.

Under Biden, DHS Secretary Mayokas has encouraged the invasion of illegal aliens by reinstating catch & release and by stopping the Remain In Mexico policy. In addition, DHS has been sending planeloads of illegal aliens into suburban areas across the country.

With the administration pushing for a pathway to citizenship in the BBB bill, aka amnesty, for millions of illegals, this intentional distribution of the military-aged, unvetted men to red states appears to be part of a plan to flip them blue in the near future.

The majority of these covert charter flights originate in Texas, where Biden’s state-sponsored border invasion has completely overwhelmed local communities and immigration officials. The transportation of these illegals is routinely done in the dead of night by federal contractors in order to avoid the media and the public.

Biden and his fraudulent regime know exactly what they are doing, it’s criminal – so it must be hidden.

But, on Wednesday, one of those federal contractors was caught on police bodycam video saying the quiet part out loud.

In the video that was obtained by Tucker Carlson Tonight, a supervisor for the operation speaks with an officer as yet another planeload of illegals is unloaded at the Westchester Airport in New York.

During their brief chat, the officer presses the federal contractor about what’s actually happening here, questioning why they are working so hard to keep these flights hidden.

“What’s the big secret? Everyone knows it’s happening,” the officer points out about the flights. “You know why.”

Likely unaware he was on camera, the supervisor eventually gives in, providing an awfully honest answer about the true nature of this illegal scheme.

“I get the whole secrecy and all this s*it, but this [decision] is even above my f*cking paygrade.

Because like, look who’s in office, that’s why. 

If it gets out… the government is betraying the American people.”


The supervisor also explains a little bit about what he is there to do – mainly, stay under the radar, which doesn’t really work too well when you are talking to a police officer with a body cam.

“Alot of this is just down low stuff that we don’t tell people. 

Because what we don’t want to do is attract attentionWe don’t want the media. Like we don’t even know where we’re going when they tell us.”

Tucker Carlson also aired the video on his show on Wednesday night, and as he points out, this is a true attack on democracy, unlike the sham January 6th narrative, and the video serves as evidence for this crime.

Oh, and by the way, you – the taxpayer – are paying for this invasion directly.

“Someone on the tape describes how DHS, quote ‘wants this on the low down’ – in other words, secret, so you dont know about it, despite the fact that you’re a US citizen who’s paying for it.

They’re hiding it from you; they’re doing this without your consent – speaking of an attack on democracy.

That’s evidence of a crime as far as I can tell.”

The left has no shame, no morals but are good at implementing the deep sat’s plan to deconstruct America.

Don’t get mad about this, get even, by voting in the November mid-term elections


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