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Governor’s Convention Votes 36-15 to Begin Impeachment Proceedings Against Biden

The governors of 35 states plus Puerto Rico voted today to begin impeachment hearings against Joe Biden.

The Convention ended a 4-day session with the historic vote, one that hasn’t been satirized since Obama was in office. That vote, which didn’t actually happen in 2018, is still viral and in the hearts and minds of taters everywhere.

Puerto Rico’s Governor Arturo Tubollchez says this time, the vote actually means something:

“This isn’t like that other story, because Facebook won’t allow it to go anywhere. They’ve decided that satire isn’t funny or something. It kina is, so…”

The saddest part is, while this reporter is considering driving for Door Dash, there are many satirists out there in need of our support. Let’s not allow a fake governor’s conference to distract us from what’s really important.

Anyway, patriots, if this convention is as useful as the last, we won’t have to worry about it. Eventually, Zuck will decide he likes money more than morality and we’ll be rolling in it again.

Happy 4th, patriots.

God bless America.

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