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Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis has suspended State Attorney Andrew Warren. DeSantis announced, “We are suspending Soros-backed 13th circuit state attorney Andrew Warren for neglecting his duties as he pledges not to uphold the laws of the state.”

DeSantis made the announcement during a press conference on Thursday, a video from the press conference can be seen at the end of this article.

“The constitution of Florida has vested the veto power in the governor, not in state attorneys. We are not going to allow this pathogen that’s been around the country of ignoring the law. We are not going to let that get a foothold here in the state of Florida. We are going to make sure that our laws are enforced and that no individual prosecutor puts himself above the law, and I can tell you the states and the localities that have allowed this to happen, they are ruing the day,” said DeSantis.

“You want to know why some people are moving to Florida? Because their communities are no longer safe, thanks to prosecutors that think they know better than the people’s representatives and they get to pick and choose which laws that they’re enforcing.”

DeSantis highlighted pledges that Warren had made to not enforce laws against pediatric child transgender surgeries or those who perform them. Florida currently doesn’t have any laws currently on the books but if they were to legislate them Warren wouldn’t enforce them.

He also made another pledge not to enforce abortion laws that would restrict abortion rights. Florida does have a law on the books that Warren refuses to enforce.

DeSantis made it clear that individual discretion is acceptable, but a blanket policy of not prosecuting laws by a state attorney was taking power that didn’t belong to them.

DeSantis also announced he was placing Susan Lopez in charge of the office Warren was formerly over.

“State Attorneys have a duty to prosecute crimes as defined in Florida law, not to pick and choose which laws to enforce based on his personal agenda. It is my duty to hold Florida’s elected officials to the highest standards for the people of Florida. I have the utmost trust that Judge Susan Lopez will lead the office through this transition and faithfully uphold the rule of law.”

“I have the utmost respect for our state laws and I understand the important role that the State Attorney plays in ensuring the safety of our community and the enforcement of our laws,” said Lopez. “I want to thank the Governor for placing his trust in me, and I promise that I will faithfully execute the duties of this office.”

DeSantis has taken a strong stance against the woke liberal agenda. He continues to make moves that more conservatives wish their Governors would.

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