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GOP Lawmakers Vow to Take on Everything from FBI Abuses to Investigating Hunter Biden when they Retake Power

In the past, when the GOP has taken power it has shied away from wielding it, saying that it can’t exercise the power it wields because if it does so then the Democrats might do so too in the future.

We saw that most obviously when the GOP controlled the House, Senate, and presidency in the first two years of the Trump presidency and did nothing other than pass tax cuts with that power. No investigations, no attacks on enemies, nothing.

That would be fine if the Democrats did the same and refused to wield their power out of fear of what the GOP would do with it, but they don’t. Rather, as we saw with the impeachments, the Russia hoax, the January 6th committee, and everything else, they use their power to attack their enemies.

So, we end up with a situation where the GOP does nothing when it wins while the Democrats do everything they can possibly get away with, gradually pushing the country to the left and making it impossible for the GOP to be effective.

Fortunately, that dichotomy in how the two parties use the power they win in elections might finally be over; GOP reps are now claiming they’ll use the power they win in 2022 to go after everything from FBI abuses to digging into the Hunter Biden scandal.

For example, Rep. Mike Johnson, the Louisiana Republican that is the ranking member of the Subcommittee on Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, told Just the News that it’s time for the GOP to take on the FBI and will do so once it has the power to drag the FBI into a hearing and demand answers. In his words:

When the FBI collects all this data when they do warrantless surveillance, you’re supposed to go through some very important checkpoints to ensure that privacy protections and constitutional rights are not violated. But there was widespread non-compliance with these procedures [during the Russia probe].

[…]We’re on the House Judiciary Committee, we have jurisdiction over this, our job is oversight of this agency and these abuses. And so we have to have these answers. We’ll see what he does to respond. If we were in the majority, I can assure you that we’d have him in front of us under oath right now. But in the minority, we only have so much strength.

Similarly, Texas Rep. Lance Gooden spoke on the massive wave of illegal immigrants crossing the border right now and said that Brandon might need to be held accountable through impeachment for that, saying:

The government, unfortunately, run by this president, is encouraging nonprofits like Catholic Charities and the Jewish Family Council to fund transportation for [illegal immigrants] and housing when they get here, and they’re paying for plane tickets and shuttling to the airport with these arrest warrants to get them on planes to wherever it is they want to go. 

It’s very difficult without the majority in either the House or the Senate. But some of the things that we’re working on now in preparation for what we hope is a Republican majority in the House is oversight. We’re going to have subpoena power. We’re going to be bringing in members of this administration to answer — at this point, I really believe that impeachment could be on the table. And I would support that, certainly.

Sen. Rand Paul has also hopped aboard the wielding power train recently, calling for the GOP to drag Fauci before a committee and hold him accountable for all he’s done after they retake power.

Then there’s another Kentuckian, Rep. James Comer, ranking member on the House Oversight Committee, who Just the News reports said that the GOP will investigate Hunter Biden when it retakes power, saying:

We have a lot of questions about where he gets his money, from his artwork, and from his consulting deals.”

All those statements are just starts, but they could signal a change to how the GOP could change when it retakes power; the days of shying away from using power to achieve wanted ends is over and the time of the GOP acting like its enemies to crush those enemies could very well be coming. Let’s hope so, the counter-attack will be not a moment too soon.


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