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Giuliani Files Impeachment Papers For Pelosi on Behalf of the White House

Rudy Giuliani walked into the 1st Circuit Court of Writs today and filed Articles of Impeachment for Nancy Pelosi. Giuliani, considered one of the most talented legal minds of his generation, said the time had come for action:

“The President is tired of the shenanigans and fake news Congress turning everything he does into something he shouldn’t have done. We have the best economy of all time and the country is getting all of its manufacturing and coal jobs back. Prices on candy bars in New York City are down more than 20 percent this year. Gas is dropping.

The Democrats are trying everything in their cheater playbook, including trying to try to convict a sitting president for his crimes, which can’t be done even if there were crimes. The 9th Amendment is clear on that.”

Giuliani says the Articles of Impeachment were filed in Rehnquist Hall “on behalf of the White House and the Great People of the United States of America.” The articles seek to have Pelosi impeached, removed, and tried for treason for her role in the Mueller witch hunts.

In order for an Executive Branch Impeachment of a sitting Congresswoman to be successful, the Senate has to approve the measure by a simple majority, which Trump has. Because she’s the Speaker of the House, under Article 7 Section 15, the House will get no vote on her impeachment because of the conflict of interest.

It’s always fun to point and laugh when the other side clearly doesn’t understand how things work.

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