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Ghislaine Maxwell Could Release the Names of 8 Men Who Slept With Underage Girls

One of the more disappointing aspects of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial was that the judge, James Comey’s daughter, kept the names in Ghislaine’s “little black book” secret. As TIME reported on the book around the time of the trial:

Most of the contents of Government Exhibit 52 has been redacted from court filings. But in a Nov. 12 filing, federal prosecutors contended that the book contains “compelling evidence” of Maxwell’s guilt. The filing alleges that the book includes “dozens of pages of contacts, including family and friends of the defendant.” Furthermore, the government alleges the book would show Maxwell “kept contact information for relevant individuals at trial, including victims.”

In her filing, Maxwell’s attorneys said that those are “bold, unexplained claims that Ms. Maxwell disputes.” Maxwell’s lawyers contend the contents of the book are “neither authentic nor relevant,” arguing that the fact that the book did not surface until 2009 shows “there is no relevance that can be attached to the information.”

Further, a version of it was leaked online by Gawker in 2015. The alleged version at that time reportedly included names and phone numbers of over 1,000 people many of them celebrities and politicians.

So, the book (allegedly) contains the names of dozens of victims and johns they were set up with and it was kept secret by a court system dominated by elites. Shocker.

In any case, that might be a moot point, at least for some of the depraved men whose names have been kept secret up until now, because Ghislaine is reportedly dropping her objection to hiding some of the names.

That’s coming straight from the source: Ghislaine’s legal team. Those lawyers wrote a letter indicating that their objection to releasing 8 of the names would be dropped, saying:

After careful review of the detailed objections submitted by Non-Party Does 17, 53, 54, 55, 73, 93, and 151, counsel for Ghislaine Maxwell writes to inform the Court that she does not wish to further address those objections

For those not versed in legalese, what that means is that Ghislaine will no longer maintain its objection to the prosecution’s attempts to release those names, thus meaning that they’ll no longer be kept secret.

While it’s just eight names, which isn’t many in the grand scheme of the hundreds of people potentially involved, one could be particularly impactful in the coming months if it does happen to be one of the eight.

That one name is the name of Andrew, the (alleged) pedo prince who was just stripped of his royal titles and honors after a judge ruled that the civil case against him for his (alleged) rape of a minor in connection with Epstein could proceed.

And there is evidence that Andrew is in the black book. As the Daily Mail reports of a recent incident in which Andrew was called by a TV host who found his number in the book:

This is the astonishing moment ITV journalist Ranvir Singh appears to reach Prince Andrew‘s voicemail after finding his number in Jeffrey Epstein‘s ‘black book’.

The Good Morning Britain presenter, 44, is seen scrolling through a list of addresses and landline numbers for the Duke of York, including one for Buckingham Palace and another for Balmoral.

The video then shows the broadcaster calling a mobile number from the address book – said to have been compiled by the paedophile financier Epstein.

So, Maxwell is releasing names and Andrew’s might be one of them.


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