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George Soros Is Paying Republicans to Turn on Trump

George Soros is a well known money man for liberals, liberal causes and ANTIFA. But Soros has found new ways of spreading his dastardly deeds. He’s branched out into republicans.

That’s right. George Soros has started paying republicans to carry out his agenda. Republicans have been taking millions of dollars from Soros, and in return, they’ve been turning on Dear Glorious Leader Donald J Trump.

First it was Mitt Romney, then it was Colin Powell and now Jim Mattis.

Lisa Murkowski, a Republican from Alaska has been the newest recipient of Soros Bucks, as she’s been trashing our greatest most brave president of all time.

And he’s even been paying Roger Goodell of the NFL and other business owners to support BLM, ANTIFA, environmental issues and other liberal causes.

Millions and millions of dollars, maybe even billions of dollars have been flowing into bank accounts to get these people to drop their undying love of Honest Don and support Joe Biden, Soros’ new poster boy for the left.

From caring about the environment to protesting police killing people, mainly black people, and almost every time unjustly, Soros is using his massive wealth to force people to be decent human beings. We cannot have republicans turning into caring, empathetic people. God only knows what could happen.

You’ll know when your politician has been infected with Soros funded liberalism. It’s frightening. They’ll say things like “Black lives matter,” or start understanding that affordable healthcare is a good thing.

They may even stop listening to country music and assaulting their loved ones when dinner is five minutes late. We’re fighting for our existence here folks!!!!

George Soros has unlimited money and has acquired most of it by selling aborted fetus recipes to illegal aliens. He can literally buy or sell anyone that you can think up, real or not!!!!

Did you know that ANTIFA is a very well-organized group with tons of cash and guns?

Of course you didn’t, you guys made that up!!!! But for the sake of argument, sure. Soros funds it.

He also funded the Jersey Girl movie and we all know what a massive failure that was. As a matter of fact, the band Nickleback and all of their albums were totally funded by The George Soros Machine, and it was to hurt Americans. God help us all!!!!


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