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Freedom Caucus Files Articles of Impeachment Against Nancy Pelosi

After Kevin McCarthy refused to do anything about Pelosi’s stupid committee, the caucus decided they would jump into action and make her pay.

Their plan is to keep her too busy to oversee the January 6th Committee, which will then be left to wither and die without its queen.

In reality, Nancy Pelosi isn’t on the committee, you don’t impeach House Speakers, you recall them, and the Freedom Caucus consists of a dozen or so buffoons so far to the right they’ll forever smell like Donald Trump’s taint.

Now, to fill the other hundred or so words necessary to make this ridiculous article long enough for proper ad revenue, here’s a little Ditty bout Jack and Diane.

Can someone explain what “suggin” is as it applies to chili dogs? Do you like…basically blow your lunch and let the soupy stuff run down your throat? Because those are the types of sentences that the Adsense crawler calls “sexually explicit” and then you have to request a review. Then they say, “oh that guy again. Whatever.”

Anyway, patriots, in case you’re the type to read until your biases are satisfied and then skip to the end…

God bless America.

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