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FBI Raids Chuck Schumer’s Home, Finds Explicit Epstein Tapes

The FBI recently unveiled that an investigation into dealings between pervert, Jeffrey Epstein, and impeachment Democrat Senator, and apparent pervert, Charles Schumer. This FBI investigation discovered mountains of video evidence linking the two men in a heinous scheme.


The largest piece of evidence in the sweep of Schumer’s home came in the form of Hillary‘s long-lost private email server.

This server contained thousands of explicit emails between Schumer and Epstein that dated back to 2012. These emails contained content too vile to even describe in words. What they did was truly a crime against humanity.

Lead FBI investigator of the case, Joe Barron, had this to say about the case.

“This is an ongoing investigation but we do have updates to tell you all today. Yesterday, we got a warrant to search Mr. Schumer’s home and today we executed that search warrant. We found lots of key evidence to bring forward a case. Now, we can’t release many details of what was found, but I can share one troubling piece of evidence.

We found a stash of video recordings on the email server. One of these recordings featured a cooking segment from the Rachel Ray show.

On this particular episode, they were cooking a delicious pizza, until she went over to the refrigerator to pull out a pineapple and placed it on the counter. Then she retrieved a cutting board from the cupboard and sharpened her knife. What was about to happen made me nauseous.

She proceeded to carefully slice the pineapple into fine chunks, meticulously placing them into a bowl. After which she cleaned her knife and washed down the wooden cutting board. Then, incredulously, she placed the chopped pieces of pineapple onto the pizza!

This was when I had to turn it off, as it was to vile for me to stomach.

We definitely think this piece of evidence will hold up in court along with the rest of the evidence gathered. It should be a cut and dry case.”

These are troubling revelations, to say the least.

How could we have such sick individuals in our sacred government?

This was never supposed to happen in America. It is an affront to decency!

Republicans are already beginning impeachment proceedings against Schumer, in hopes that they can remove him even before he is found guilty of these sick crimes.


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