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Farmers Join Truckers In Protest Against Covid Restrictions

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau will not find these farmer’s tractors “sexy”. A large number of farmers have joined side by side with the freedom convoy truckers protesting in Coutts, Alberta. Hundreds of farmers rolled into Coutts in the frigid weather to protest Canada’s vaccine mandates. The move by the farmers comes just a day after over 300 Cowboys rode on horseback to express their disapproval towards vaccine mandates.

Coutts, Alberta is an international border crossing between the US and Canada. Truckers have formed a blockade at the Montana and Alberta border for the last two weeks which has caused most importing and exporting for Alberta almost impossible. The Canadian government is slowly but surely realizing how important truckers and farmers really are, because without them they would starve.

Watch the farmer’s join the truckers here:

Rebel News has been one of the only one’s in Canada covering the blockade in Coutts in a positive light. Here’s what they reported about farmers arriving in Coutts:

Farmers, in solidarity with the ongoing trucker protest taking place at the major border crossing between Alberta and the United States have moved in with heavy equipment and tractors to completely obstruct the border with Montana.

Thousands of supporters have been kept away from the Coutts protest by RCMP and are staged 20km up the road in Milk River. The truckers have been protesting at the border since January 29 as part of a nationwide convoy movement to end vaccine mandates and COVID restrictions, where a massive crowd of 100,000 truckers and their supporters converged on the nation’s capital Ottawa. Despite a recent police crackdown, most demonstrators have vowed to stay in place until pandemic restrictions end.

Late on Tuesday night, Premier Jason Kenney declared that Albertans will no longer need vaccine passports in order to eat in restaurants or enter venues. Kenney data news conference declared that the peak of Covid-19 is over, so there’s no need to still have restrictions on non-vaccinated Albertans.

Although Trucker’s were happy that Kenney ended the Restrictions Exemption Program that required Albertans to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination in order to enter certain public places, the truckers and farmers are still protesting because they want all of Canada to end vaccine mandates.

Through the trucker’s demonstration efforts, Kenney was also persuaded to lift mandates that required children to wear masks.

According to CBC, Kenney was quoted saying:

“The threat of COVID-19 to public health no longer outweighs the hugely damaging impact of health restrictions on our society, on people’s mental health, on their emotional wellbeing, on our broader social health,” Kenney said.

“So now is the time to begin learning to live with COVID.”

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