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Elections Matter – New Conservative School Board Gives Radical The Boot!

The fallout from the violence perpetrated by BLM and ANTIFA during the COVID pandemic is sweeping the nation. The need for the restoration of law and order, and removal of the social justice movement and mask mandates from their family’s lives, has driven parents nationwide to take action.

Some of these fed-up parents started attending school-board meetings in 2021, pushing back against officials who were promoting Critical Race Theory (CRT) and masking mandates for their children attending the schools.

As the frustration against the SJW school administrators increased, Attorney General Merrick Garland was asked by the radical school board association to intervene.

The DOJ agreed to intervene characterizing the parents as domestic terrorists leading to investigations of parents who openly protested at the school board meetings.

Instead of silencing the parents, it actually drove them to run for or elect conservatives to schools boards allowing them to cause changes from within.

In one example of what parents can do locally; a school board that flipped to a conservative majority in Colorado, fired their district’s woke school superintendent.

“Last week, the Douglas County School Board President Mike Peterson and vice-chair Christy Williams met privately with Superintendent Corey Wise and gave him an ultimatum: resign or they will fire him,” reported CPR News February 4. Wise has been a supporter of the irrational school mask mandate, as seen in his Facebook posting.

“Friday night, after three hours of often-heated debate, the board made good on it,” the site continues. “The members voted 4-3 to terminate the contract with Wise.”

Douglas County saw the biggest turnover in Colorado’s school-board elections last year. CPR wrote November 4, “A conservative slate of four candidates won big in Douglas County on Tuesday night, ejecting two incumbents, and installing a new board majority that promises to give parents a place at the education table. The race was one of Colorado’s most contentious and hard-fought, after a year of heated public comment periods during school board meetings.”

Townhall’s Joy Overbeck wrote about the reality of Critical Race Theory’s (CRT’s) being implemented in schools and the Douglas County situation.

In “How to Unwoke Your School Board,” she wrote:

There’s a vicious pandemic that no vaccine will cure, and it’s called Critical Race Theory (CRT.) This is “wokeness” and it is invading school districts and classrooms nationwide, infecting the minds of America’s progeny from preschool through college. It’s a relentless illness, spreading racial division and distrust with a deterministic dogma that defines all whites as programmed to be oppressors and all minorities as doomed victims of that white oppression.

This is the story of what happened when this pandemic suddenly struck the Douglas County, Colorado, School District, which serves 63,000 students. Only 1 percent of those students are black, and black residents only make up 1.1 percent of the county population (with Hispanics at about 7 percent according to the 2010 census, the most recent available.)

So Douglas County is simply not as diverse and “inclusive” as many woke left-leaners would like it to be. Still, somehow the county always rates at the top of those nationwide “great places to live” surveys. It’s full of leafy, affluent neighborhoods with friendly people and lots of dogs….The predominantly white and Republican electorate is one of the most well-educated populations in the nation.

The county has been untroubled by the Antifa and BLM burning and lootings afflicting the radical left hotbeds of the nation…and the fall elections produced decisive victories for all the local and state Republican candidates, as usual.

“It should be noted that for the last two years, the District’s Superintendent, Chief Academic Officer, and Chief Technology Officer have all been African-Americans,” Overbeck also informs. (We could wonder what the reaction would be if whites thus dominated a school system in a district only 1.1 percent white.)

The writer further tells us that while “the Chief Academic Officer said she experienced ‘microaggressions and passive-aggressive racism’ almost daily, none of the three district officials had any specific complaints.” All three are now gone.

Children are the victims of CRT. For example, “Within one week of CRT teaching, I watched my son become resentful and angry about the assumptions made about him because he happens to be white and male,” said Colorado mother Rachel Kopfle at a school-board meeting last year, the Littleton Independent related.

The good news is that, after push-back last year, the Douglas County School District (DCSD) canceled at least part of Gemini’s indoctrination program. This prompted Gemini to accuse the DCSD of “allowing a handful of vocal white parents” to stop progress to take place.

As expected though, activists are challenging the termination of Wise.

The liberal Douglas school board members claim that Wise’s firing wasn’t “legal,” which prompted “one of the Denver area’s largest school systems to close Thursday as 1,000 teachers, district staffers and parents protested the board in support of Wise,” reports The Washington Post.



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