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Drunk Pelosi Escorted from Inauguration Stage for Violent Outburst

It’s no surprise that Nancy Pelosi is a longtime alcoholic. She doesn’t try to hide it and she’s been caught time and time again imbibing on the job. Whether it be in the Capitol or the White House, she will always have her flask. This time, however, her Outburst was at the inauguration of Joe Biden.

According to those in attendance Pelosi was seen arguing with Mike Pence. The argument didn’t get very far, as her aides swiftly removed her, as to prevent further embarrassment.

One such eyewitness, Joe Barron, gave us his account of the events:

“There I was, in DC for the inauguration. And there I saw it, Nancy Pelosi was screaming and flailing her arms at Mike Pence. Everyone was trying their best to contain their laughter. This made her even angrier and she threw hands. Six people were knocked out by her fists of fury. Her aides saw the ruckus she was causing and quickly removed her. I guess they didn’t want her to embarrass herself anymore. Ha! Like that’s possible! She’s already a national disgrace.”

This comes as no surprise to many Republicans, as they all believe Pelosi to be a raving drunk, despite all of the tales of her drunken exploits being works of fiction. Republican Matt Gaetz even had some hypocritical pearls to clutch, saying, “Alcoholics don’t belong in the halls of Congress!”

Pelosi being a drunken embarrassment surprises no one, but the fact that she would do this during her own President’s inauguration shows the lack of class she really has, not even caring about her own party. The country needs to know about her behavior and quit electing her and people like her.

These people need help. She is completely out of control and her handlers just enable this deplorable behavior.

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