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DeSantis rips Biden to Shreds in Interview, Calls Him Brandon

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took a sledgehammer to Biden, who he called Brandon, in a brilliant interview with Mark Levin. Here’s what DeSantis had to say:

“All the problems you see with our country, and there’s a huge amount of problems with Brandon in the White House.

I mean look, the guy is not clicking on all cylinders, he’s not had a very good year.

We’re still strong in the state of Florida. We’re beating Brandon in Florida.

When I got elected, there were about 300,000 more registered Democrats in Florida than Republicans. Well now, for the first time in history, we have more Republicans than Democrats, and we’re gaining more and more every single month.”

Why’s it important that DeSantis is referring to Biden as Brandon? Because it’s a sign of disrespect and of recognizing the dishonesty of the corporate, regime press.

As most of you will remember, the “Brandon” nickname for Biden is a branch off of the popular anti-Biden slogan “Let’s Go, Brandon,” which itself originally comes from the “F*** Joe Biden” chants that were chanted in the stadiums of many sporting events throughout the fall of 2021. The “Let’s Go Brandon” chant came about when an NBC Sports reporter was interviewing Brandon Brown after he won a race; she heard the chant and claimed the crowd was chanting “Let’s go, Brandon.”

DeSantis, who’s made Brandon jokes before, such as when he did a press conference in Brandon, Florida, latching onto the phrase means two things.

The first is that he’s not a Conservative, Inc. Republican; those silk-stockinged, cowardly members of the party would never do something so effective, funny, and popular with the base as calling Biden Brandon multiple times in an interview.

The other is that DeSantis is attempting to ride a wave of anti-Brandon public opinion, although to what end can only be speculated on right now. While he could be trying to use it to shoot for the presidency, he could also just be trying to strengthen his conservative credentials before the gubernatorial race in Florida begins in earnest. Either way, it’s working, as the interview was epic and hilarious.

Also, while speaking about the more liberal states in the union, DeSantis said “There’s been more Republicans than Democrats from each of those states. Had I not won 2018, this state would be a basket case, just like those states,” almost certainly trying to quell fears that blue state refugees are turning Florida blue.

That’s a point DeSantis has made before. Back in May of 2021 DeSantis said much the same to Hannity, saying:

And I also have come across a lot of people who, quite frankly, were Democrats. The lockdowns turned them into Republicans, because they say, I cannot fathom. I was — people say, I was a Democrat because of education and I’m in California and they’re locking my kids out of school.

I come to Florida, they’re in school. People are free. People are happy.

So, I think this whole process has caused some people to reevaluate some of their prior commitments. And if you have a political party that puts the interest of teachers unions over the interest of kids being able to just access an education at all, that tells you all you need to know about the modern Democrat Party.

Let’s hope he’s right. And let’s go Brandon!




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