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Dems Outraged As House Republicans Open Session With Prayer

Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats are up in arms after the few Republicans of the House began the latest session with a group prayer. GOP members outright refused to let proceedings begin until they had bowed their heads and asked god to bless their country and guide them in their decisions.

Those that prayed did so in silence while hundreds of Democrats around them screamed and pelted them with balled up paper and pens. This went on for five full minutes until Representative Barron finally lifted his head, smiled, and said, “Amen.”

Pelosi was the first to express her opposition:

“We do not PRAY in this house! This is MY house and you will do as I say! Should this happen again, security will be called and you will be removed! Is that clear?”

But Barron remained calm and composed in his response:

“Mrs Pelosi, we are a Christian nation. We were built upon Christian principles and moral codes. This faith is what built our country up into the power that it is today.

You should be thanking us and every other citizen who holds faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ, everyday, for it is we who have given you the bounties which you so extravagantly enjoy.

We will not stop. Our thanks to God will continue each and every day. You can try to silence us in here but you cannot sway our trust in God. You have the power of this House but He holds greater power over all.

I sincerely hope you find your way, Nancy.”

This led to republican cheers and democrat jeers for close to an hour before all settled down to business.

Barron exemplifies the Christian spirit. He is to be applauded for bringing god back into governance.

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