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Democrat Speaker Just Got Arrested – Charged With Stunning, Lewd Accusation

Boy, oh boy. The Democrats really don’t know how to stop giving us news, eh?

Do you know what you get when you combine a corrupt Democrat with a crooked lawyer?

Chelsea Clinton. Oh, we kid, we kid.

To be fair, not all Democrats are corrupt (mostly because not all Democrats are in positions of power). But whenever you turn over a rock, you find a sleazy liberal.

Undercover cops just made a sting in the blue state of Oregon. And you’ll never guess what they found under this particularly slimy rock.

From Fox News:

A former speaker of the Oregon House and current lobbyist in Salem has been accused by Portland Police of soliciting sex from an undercover officer…

From 2009 to 2011, [Democrat Dave Hun]t served as speaker of the House and he previously served one term as House majority leader…

According to a news release, officers posted decoy ads online and Hunt responded to arrange payment for sexual acts.

Now, you know why Portland is so screwed up. Because for years, the state’s speaker of the House was a pervert known as Dave Hunt.

Dirty Dave served in the state government for years. He then went on to become a lobbyist, because that’s where the real money is.

I guess his life of “serving the public” and buying politicians’ votes did not provide the love and companionship he was seeking.

So, he sought the next best thing: a prostitute online.

According to police, Hunt was one of eight men swept up in a sting. Portland Police’s Human Trafficking Unit set up a fake ad for sex.

Hunt was all too eager, it seems, to arrange payment for getting busy.

It seems like that was enough for the cops to nab him.

As gross as this episode is, at least we can say that the Portland Police are actually doing this job, in some areas.

These are the same cops who stood down as Antifa nearly destroyed the city for months.

Thankfully, their human trafficking unit is getting results.

We have to wonder, was this Hunt’s first attempt? Or was he a regular customer?

At least he’s off the streets.

Key Takeaways:

A former Oregon politician was arrested in a prostitution sting.

Democrat Dave Hunt was nabbed after trying to arrange payment for sexual acts.

The man served as Oregon’s speaker of the House and was a current lobbyist.

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