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Columbia Revokes Obama’s Degree, ‘We Have Evidence of Fraud’

Barack Hussein Obama is no stranger to controversy and fraud. Everyone who is anyone knows the man didn’t make it to the top through hard work, morals, and stunning good looks. OBUMMER!

Now, as fate would see it to be, Columbia University’s School of Harvard Business Associates in conjunction with Perdue and Duke, with a sprinkle of Yale and Notre Dame have revoked Kenyan native Barack Hussein Obama’s degrees. He is completely degreeless.

Not a stitch of a degree anywhere to be found.

Even his high school, in his small Kenyan village, says he never finished. There is no record of him attending classes. Not a single grade. He didn’t only fail class, he scored a NOTHING! That’s 100 times worse than getting an F.

Sandy Batt, a spokesperson from the Obama Family’s Office of Education says:

“This is absurd. Of course, there are no high school records for Barack in Kenya. HE DIDN’T GO TO HIGH SCHOOL IN KENYA! You baffoons!”

Columbia University says they will be sending a team of degree repo specialists to the Obama mansion to reclaim the forged degree.

Obama has said they can pry it out of his cold hands. (Michelle is of the age to demand the thermostat stay on 68 degrees. The man is freezing! And, so is Obama!)

According to HPVTV, Donald Trump has issued a statement about the fraud:

“We knew Obama was a fake from the start. He is a big fake. The biggest fake. The witch hunt needs to move on and investigate Obama for all of this fraud. The man is a crook and a con.”

And, just like on Penn and Teller’s “Fool Us,” we think we’ve given enough clues that nothing in this article is true. Not a bit of it. Zip.

Well, except Bo Obama did die. He was a good boi.

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