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CNN’s First 2024 Poll Shows Trump In The Lead By 26 Points

Cnn’s first presidential poll for 2024 has been released, and the results are staggering. Donald Trump is leading Sleepy Joe Biden by 26 points.

“We can’t explain it,” said liberal loon Chris Cuomo, “Everyone here just hates him so much. We’re stunned.”

The poll shows that even with Trump’s behavior after the election, America wants him back. We caught up with the President of his fan club, Art Tubolls, who told us he’s not surprised at all:

“When you love Donald Trump, it’s forever. It doesn’t matter if he lied, cheated, and stole his way through four years, attempting to take down the American experiment all the way…he’s still our guy.”

Other Trump fans have expressed similar sentiments. Community leaders like the head of the Proud Boyz, the committee of closeted gay men who run the Oathkeepers, and the KKK say they can’t imagine a world in which they can’t just scream “TRUMP2020!!!!” to win an argument on Twitter.

The poll was conducted over a three-day period. 1000 people ages 72-107 with landlines responded. 984 called CNN “libtards” and hung up.

And there you have it, patriots. Trump is gonna crush it in 2024. If that doesn’t make you happy, you probably need some Kool-Aid.

God Bless America.

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