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Chuck Barkley Cancels Himself, Blasts Woke Cowards

KEN: Charles Barkley, star of Inside the NBA, the face of the show for the past 21 years announced on Washington sports radio, The Fan, that he’ll be leaving the show when he turns 60 — I believe he’s 59 now. So he’s leaving the show in a year, called his bosses cowards for bowing down to woke culture. He said (impression) “So terrible, got so out hand. This is terrible. Can’t have no fun.” Something like that. Said, “I could not imagine having to watch myself. You can’t even have fun without these jackasses trying to get you to cancel. And everything else.” (impression) “It’s terrible. It’s terrible.”

I’m gonna miss him because he’s truthful, and sometimes he says things I agree with and sometimes he doesn’t, but what I love, he embraces his free speech. And he has a wicked sense of humor. And he’s a great athlete, and he’s got common sense.es such a great example of America. And that’s what the Democrats are trying to destroy.

I mean, Barkley knows that it’s never gonna end as long as people in power in a regime like we have now keep shutting down “certain people,” because sooner or later you or I or people that we disagree with will fall into that category of “certain people.” Well, you can let him talk but not her, and not him, but that T-shirt’s okay to wear, but don’t wear that T-shirt on the train. We’re already there. It’s too late. We’ve lost free speech. We’ve said this months ago. We lost it. We started losing so many of our basic rights when the lockdown farce started. And it just continues. And Barkley isn’t the only one.

There’s a few other changes coming as well, with people of his profile. ‘Cause people are tired of the wokeness. They’re tired of — Barkley wants to say a joke or say something funny or speak off the cuff. He’s not being vulgar. He’s not being threatening. He’s not being violent. He’s just saying something that maybe somebody has a problem with, but I’ve never seen so many people that have such a misunderstanding of free speech. Free speech does not guarantee you’re not gonna be offended or you’re not gonna get angry or you’re not gonna break down in tears. That’s not what free speech is for. That’s why I think Putin had to look at America over the last year and a half and say to the Democrat Party, “Thanks for doing the heavy lifting for us. We look at we were gonna have to roll in here with tanks and team up with China, but you guys are shooting your own feet off.”

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