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Biden Denies Emergency Funds for Texas Storm Victims

The great state of Texas has had a rough week.  It has endured a storm of biblical proportions. Snow and freezing temperatures have caused power outages across the state leaving at least 23 dead and millions struggling to keep warm.  Frozen pipes have left many without running water, and some …

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Biden Quietly Pardons 2,617 BLM Protesters

Joe Biden has shown us all whose side he’ll be on when it comes to law and order. In a sweeping secret pardon that includes more than 2,616 BLM “protesters,” Biden gave a big eff you to law enforcement. Biden’s pardon includes “anyone arrested for protesting in a non-violent manner.” …

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Harvard Admits Michelle Obama’s Degrees Are Fakes

Supposedly, Michelle Obama attended both Harvard and Princeton Universities for her degrees before becoming a lawyer and professor. It was bafflement for many on how the former first “lady” obtained such high ranking degrees. Now the truth is finally coming to light. She didn’t. Senior Manager of Housing for both universities, Sandy …

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Military-Hating Kamala Wants To Shut Down The VA

What group of people in America hates our military and isn’t afraid to show it? Democrats. Obama devastated our military, providing virtually no funding to it for eight long years. He cut our troop size in half, sold off equipment, and often refused to even provide paychecks. They didn’t even …

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