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California Supreme Court Drops the Gavel – The Death Penalty for a Savage Serial Killer Has Been Upheld

California leads the country in progressive policies that put criminals ahead of law-abiding citizens.

But the tide has been turning. In recent months, voters have recalled far-left DAs who put criminals back on the streets.

And, in a stunning decision, the state’s Supreme Court upheld the death penalty for a heinous killer.

From NY Post:

The California Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the death sentence for convicted serial killer Charles Ng, who’s been on death row for 23 years, according to court records.

Ng, now 61, was convicted in 1999 on 11 counts of murder for the murders of six men, three women and two baby boys from 1984 to 1985.

The California Supreme Court upheld the death sentence for convicted serial killer Charles Ng.

Ng and his accomplice, the late Leonard Lake, went on a killing spree in 1984 and 1985, kidnapping and murdering dozens of people.

While Ng was charged for only 11 deaths, as many as 25 people (including children) could have died at his hands.

The trial dragged on for years, as Ng’s lawyers exploited California’s criminal justice system. They even tried to overturn his death sentence, but was stopped by the court.

Far-left Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom has a moratorium on the death penalty. It seems Newsom would rather have the taxpayers support Ng’s time in prison than see justice done.

The pro-criminal progressives in California seem to care more about vile murderers, than the families Ng and his ally destroyed.

But this is nothing new. California is in such a mess, with thousands fleeing to other states, because progressive leaders put policy that rewards criminals.

They have defunded the police, removed cash bail, and eliminated felony charges for a variety of crimes.

In once beloved cities, people fear leaving their houses. They leave their cars unlocked, because criminals will just break the windows anyway.

When will the people of CA wake up and start electing law and order leaders? Perhaps only when its too late.

The California Supreme Court upheld the death sentence of Charles Ng.
Ng is a convicted serial killer responsible for the deaths of at least 11 people.
California’s pro-criminal laws have allowed Ng to delay his sentence for nearly 40 years.
Source: New York Post


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