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CA High School Barricades Maskless Children In Gym, Staffer Turns Down Thermostat To “Freeze Them Out”

The conflict between “woke” schools demanding COVID vaccinations and students whose families are rejecting the vaccines for their children due to the CDC’s data showing very, very low infection rates for those under 18, is increasing.

As children returned to in-person learning last fall, multiple stories of abuse started getting reported nationwide.

In December a short video appeared showing a group of children sitting on “buckets” outside a school and eating lunch, which was shared widely online, drawing anger and criticism from parents.

On January 2nd, Lakeview Elementary principal Heather Frazier emailed parents. She informed them that students would eat outside for the first week of the new year. Parents were livid.

The school is pushing students outside due to COVID. Staff, however, get to eat inside even though they’re more vulnerable to COVID than the children.

Due to COVID policies, students are forced to eat lunch outside. It better accommodates social distancing guidelines. Outdoor COVID transmission is rare.

But her January 2 email caught some parents off guard.

On Sundays during January-February I will send a brief message indicating whether students will be eating indoors due to frigid weather in the coming week. This week students will remain eating outdoors as temperatures are expected to be above 38 degrees.

Stay warm, Heather

Principal Frazier acknowledged the weather was “frigid” and mockingly ended her email with “stay warm.” But she’s not letting her students stay warm. She’s throwing them into the frigid weather anyway.

In the latest example of tyranny, as high school students at Oakdale, CA Joint Unified School District began protesting the state’s mask mandate after Governor Newsom was spotted at a 49ers-Rams game without a mask on, the school administration went woke crazy.

“If they don’t follow by their own rules that they’re trying to force upon me, why should I follow them,” an Oakdale High School student told CBS 13.

Hundreds of students in Oakdale were banned from class for not wearing their masks.

The students say they were following Gov. Gavin Newsom’s example after photos showed him maskless at the NFC Championship Game over the weekend.

The students were bare-faced and packed into the Oakdale High School gym. Freshman Nolan Harris was one of them.

“By the end of the day, there was about a hundred kids in there,” he said.

“If they don’t follow by their own rules that they’re trying to force upon me, why should I follow them,” Harris said.

Oakdale parent Melissa Goodman shared pictures of dozens of moms and dads outside their child’s school to show their support.

“They don’t want to get in trouble, they don’t want to disrespect their teachers,” said Goodman, whose son is a senior at Oakdale High School. “But they also want the right to share their smiles and breathe freely.”

All demonstrations were peaceful, but Superintendent Dr. Dave Kline says learning was disrupted. He sent a letter to parents stressing the importance of keeping students in the classroom.

When the high schoolers showed up to school without masks this week far-left school staffers used lunch tables to barricade the children in the school’s gym.

Public schools have evolved in Marxist portals promoting social justice causes. In addition to producing youth unequipped to join the workforce, they are also acting as their children’s guardians once they have walked onto the school grounds.

In California, the teacher’s unions have told the media that their members don’t have to get parental permission before discussing transitioning genders with elementary students, coordinating a ride for a pregnant student to an abortion clinic, etc.

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