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BIG TROUBLE FOR PELOSI: Federal Government Is Investigating FIVE Companies In Which Nancy Pelosi’s SON Is Connected To, Which Are All Mostly Involved With FRAUD

Photo Source: Pelosi’s Son Tied To Fraud Ring That Tried To Sell Nancy’s Solar Tax Credits For Millions (National File)

Another Democratic protagonist, as President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, has a son who has been connected in some questionable financial transactions. According to a DailyMail.com exclusive, Paul Pelosi, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s son, has had financial links with at least five businesses that have been the subject of federal investigations, yet he has never been charged.

convicted felons, according to the publication, and his years of repetitious business activities create two worrisome issues. Nancy’s son has yet to address the topic of why he kept getting caught up with such questionable characters, and how related he was to the criminal investigations into his fraudulent colleagues. According to DailyMail.com, despite his mother’s pledge to head the most honest, transparent, and ethical Congress in history, Paul Pelosi Jr. has been tied to a surprising trail of criminal accomplices, fraudulent companies, and federal investigations.

According to the study conducted by the publication, Pelosi Jr. is engaged with the following five companies, He joined the board of a biofuel company after being deceived by investors. Pelosi was the CEO of an environmental investment business that served as a front for two convicted fraudsters. He was elevated to vice president of a corporation that was involved in an inquiry into fraudulent phone calls targeting the elderly. He joined a lithium mining company and reportedly got millions of shares as part of a $164 million scheme. A Food and Drug Administration investigation revealed that he worked for a medical company that tested medications on people without the agency’s consent.

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