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BIG TROUBLE FOR BIDEN: Wisconsin Judge Rules To Let Investigation Into 2020 Election Continue After State’s DEM A.G. Attempted To Block It


A Wisconsin state judge just ruled to allow a review of the 2020 election to proceed after the state’s Democrat Attorney General attempted to block this investigation that is led by former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman.

Judge Rhonda Lanford for the Dane County Circuit Court ruled on Monday blocking state Attorney General Josh Kaul’s attempt to stop this investigation. Former Justice Gableman, who is leading this investigation sent a subpoena to the Wisconsin Elections Commission Admin Megan Wolfe to testify under oath. This subpoena was then blocked by the state’s Democrat Attorney General, effectively blocking this investigation.

Democrats supported and promoted Robert Muller’s 3-year long investigation into the alleged Trump-Russia collusion, which ended up proving no wrongdoing at the end of the day. They promoted the Muller investigation all over the internet as their liberal supporters cheered every unconstitutional and unlawful action taken by the Muller team.

The same party now is attempting to block independent investigations into mail-in ballots calling it “attempts to illegitimate an election” the same attempts are supported by Democrat allies in the mainstream media and the big-tech monopoly.

This ruling is also likely going to impact other lawsuits surrounding the election fraud case. Gableman is also planning to subpoena mayors of Madison and Green Bay to testify about the election process.

Judge Lanford along with allowing this case to proceed has also allowed the possibility of a temporary injunction in the future. Writing, “[should Gableman] seek to enforce the subpoenas before this case is decided on the merits through contempt, imprisonment or other means similar to the action pending in Waukesha County … Plaintiffs can certainly file another motion for temporary injunction that the Court will schedule as soon as its calendar permits.”


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