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Biden Wants to Cut Social Security to Fund Gun Seizures

In a rally today with his dozens of supporters in attendance, President Joe Biden railed against Donald Trump and his successful policies. He ranted and raved and even said he will get gun control passed — and he has an interesting way to fund it — by cutting YOUR social security benefits.

“Look, Corn Pop once tried to rob me with his gun back in the 1960s so we need to get rid of these things. They’re very dangerous. We can’t have people like ol’ Corn Pop having access to thid hardware, these weapons of war. We will create a task force that will be used to seize all guns. They ask how I will pay for it and I tell them. We will be cutting social security benefits. These people don’t have much time left anyway, so why waste any more funding on them? We have bigger problems to deal with like ol’ Corn Pop.”

If this doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will. Joe Biden is wanting to take your guns away and even your social security. All of this to deal with his fictional foe Corn Pop. We truly are living in a crazy world.

Republican Joe Barron said this of Biden’s remarks:

“Come on man. Corn Pop isn’t real. What is real is that the media created coronavirus to make the economy shut down to make Trump look bad in an election year. That’s what’s real. It makes total sense to anyone.”

Glad to see at least one party is focused on the truth. Republicans will keep our guns and social security out of the vile clutches of the Democrats.

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