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Biden to Trump Patriots: ‘You Babies Need to Shut Up’

n a 27-minute long temper tantrum masquerading as a press conference that would make even President Trump blush, Biden dropped 312 F-bombs, 208 instances of BS, several other well-known bad words, and even mentioned something called a

After Biden’s rant was over, several conservative media members had to be rushed to the hospital for heart palpitations.

Of course, the Godless liberal media ate up every word Biden said.

Joe Barron was one of those liberal media members and spoke with Sandy Batt of the America’s Last Line of Defense Network.

“This has been a long time coming for Joe Biden.  You could see it every time he spoke that he was just holding back. I don’t know what it was that finally set him off.  About the only thing that I can quote him on that was clean was when he addressed the moronic ‘Stop the Steal’ movement.  He really brought that house down on the liberal side when he said “You babies need to shut up.”

What made it even funnier was how many hypocrites from the conservative media actually fainted or acted offended.  It has been fine by them for anything that President Trump says but when someone who isn’t on their side is in on speaking his mind colorfully, they get triggered and freak out.

There’s not much funnier to see than a Conservative selectively get offended over the same things that they cheer on, depending on who says it.”

Biden closed out his rant by saying “I won. Get over it.”

It is truly disgusting how quickly we have gone from a well-spoken statesman to this man.

May God keep and protect America forever and ever, Amen.

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