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Biden Impeachment Filing Moves to SCOTUS

There are three words in the U.S. Senate that promote dread, fear, and overwhelming disgust and nausea : Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Georgia representative Greene has already done what millions of bubble-skinned bluehairs across the southern part of the country have only fantasized about, and filed articles of impeachment against maybe-president Joe Biden.  Such nonsense would normally die in court and it’s progenitor would be tarred, Skittled, and rolled in lead paint, but this is not a normal world.

The grounds of the impeachment that Miss Greene has filed include “pasty face”, “caring about Covid too much”, and “something about Afghanistan and Yemen”, even though the rep believes the two countries are actually areas of West Virginia where black people are still slaves.

Supreme Court Manager of Dick Twiddling and Bloogie Salesman Joe Barron told a mass of assembled media outlets that the court members have accepted the case and are ready to begin deliberations within the month.

“Kavanaugh, for one, is almost jumping out of his pants for this.  It’s as if he was sitting at a college party sipping cognac and a young woman passed through his field of vision.  The guy, I guess if I had to pick a word for it, is just horny.  Horny as hell to impeach Biden.  He’s actually dripping all over the place.”

Greene was described as “similarly horny”, and declined to be interviewed as she was extremely busy humping up and down on the boy who cleans the spit from elliptical machines at her gym.

The impeachment proceedings will begin within the next few weeks.  Senators Lindsey Graham and Tom Cotton have both expressed rabid interest in having the entire event televised, live-streamed, and physically written out word-for-word on kitchy t-shirts to be distributed by pillionaire Mike Lindell’s MyPillow company.  We’ll have more on this exciting story as it ferments

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