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Biden facing mass outrage over report US may pay $450k to separated migrants

The Biden administration continues to face intense backlash over a Wall Street Journal report indicating that “the U.S. is in talks to offer immigrant families separated at the border in 2018 about $450,000 a person in compensation.”

Biden facing mass outrage over report US may pay $450k to separated migrants

Senator Ron Johnson wrote:

That’s quite the penalty to pay for illegally entering our country. Can you imagine the magnet that will create for more illegal immigration?

Way to go Joe!

Michael Berry “I hope every American who voted against mean tweets feels sick to their stomachs over Border Crisis Biden wanting to give 450k to illegals. I hope they feel betrayed, embarrassed, and duped. Because they should.”


Chuck Grassley “UNACCEPTABLE Report says Biden admin considering payments of 450k per person 2ppl who crossed the border ILLEGALLY Those are taxpayers dollars We should not be paying anything to ppl who break our laws”

Clay Travis pointed out “That’s over four times what we pay military families who have a person killed while serving. Madness.”




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