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Bernie Sanders Wants to Tax Social Security Benefits at 47 Percent

In a closed door meeting about the ongoing plan to eliminate Social Security, Bernie Sanders told Democrat socialist communists Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar that when he becomes president he wants to tax Social Security Benefits at 47%. Currently, Social Security benefits are tax-free, as seniors have paid into they system their whole lives and thus have already paid their fair share. Bernie had this to say:

“Look, all these seniors are getting free money from the government. This can’t go on forever. Millennials are tired of supporting these old people through a system they will never benefit from themselves. It is my view that it’s time for retirees pay their fair share of taxes. We will resdistribute the wealth and level the playing field.”

Donald Trump responded to the Sanders plan by saying”Social Security is a God-given right that must not be infringed by a crazy communist.” We have to agree with the president here. Democrats keep trying to cut these benefits for seniors on a daily basis while Republicans have to keep blocking these bills in Congress, wasting time that Republicans could be using to pass more useful bills like stripping citizenship from citizens.

All Bernie knows is tax, spend, spread communism, destroy America, eat hot chips, and lie. It is truly a disgrace to the American people that a full-fledged communist who wants nothing more than to bring this country back into the 21st century is on the verge of becoming the next President of the United States. Democrats can’t win. Communism can’t be allowed to win.

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