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Benghazi Mother Sues Obamas for $3 Billion

Surprising precisely nobody, a mother still mourning the death of her son in Benghazi, Libya ten years hence, has filed a lawsuit naming the Defendants Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton in federal court today.  She is seeking damages amounting to three billion dollars.

Sandy Batt and her husband Lofat decided to bring about the suit after such an extraordinary amount of time because of the public’s deflation in outcry for the event, and the fact that neither named Defendant has ever been brought to justice.

Joe Konders, leader of Congress’s Benghazi Beating A Dead Horse Committee explained what he expected to happen in the case.

“This has been an awful decade for Mrs. Batt.  Her son Matt wasn’t even mentioned in the news all year long.  And he’s not one of the ‘Big Four’ that gets all the attention.  During the attack, he was there as a private citizen simply vomiting on a child.”

“We’re not getting into why the child was there or the vomit.  We expect what every other crazed and batshit Republican expects.  Money from Obama for not flying over there immediately and from Hillary for…well, just because.  Satisfaction.  And cash.”

The terrorist attack continues to push buttons in the psyches of Trump-demented mental midgets to this day.  “Never forget”, they warble the second they see a capital “B”.

Perhaps it wouldn’t have been as bad if the right hadn’t just cut security funding for the ambassador’s office, or had cartoonized the entire attack for political purposes.  Hey, you reap what you sow, dickheads.

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