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Ben Carson Orders D.C. to Drain the Swamp – The Good Doctor Says for Equity, More Conservatives Should Be in Government

When Ben Carson speaks, everyone should listen. Not only was he a celebrated neurosurgeon, but an accomplished statesman within the Trump administration.

And he recently talked about how to restore “equity” within the federal government. But it had little to do with what the left considered “equity.”

From The Washington Examiner:

Carson recalled that not only were Democratic senators holding up the confirmation of his top picks, but longtime bureaucrats were angling to stall his program changes until Trump was gone.

“They move things along expeditiously that they agree with. They put obstacles in the way of things they don’t agree with, and sometimes, they can drag something out until they get someone of their liking in office…”

“We need to try to bring some equity” and bolster the ranks of conservatives in government, said Carson.

Ben Carson shed some light on what Trump had to battle so hard to drain the swamp and put Americans first.

It wasn’t just because he faced opposition from Democrats in Congress. Roughly 50% of those working in the federal government.

Only 26% of those in government are Republicans, according to one survey.

That means there are many more liberals in positions of power at federal agencies. Carson revealed these leftists would use their influence to delay or outright stall Trump’s reforms.

Carson believes that to bring real equity into D.C., more conservatives need to be hired in government.

He even said that those liberals will wait out a Republican president before they do anything.

That seems to shed quite a bit of light on why D.C. feels like such a deep swamp.

We’re not only dealing with leftists in the House and Senate. But tens of thousands of leftists in agencies like the DOJ, DOD, IRS, and many more.

It’s not a huge surprise why so many Democrats enter the federal government. Conservatives are largely in favor of small government.

They are capitalists who want to earn wealth the good, old fashion way: working. Democrats, on the other hand, have no problem getting high-paying jobs in government, and doing little work for them.

Carson’s plan is to urge conservative college students to consider careers in government. Not because they’re better than private businesses—but because they can have a lasting impact on America.

His plans involve getting conservatives hired and quickly influencing how agencies craft federal policy.

It’s a long-term plan for sure, but it could have a dramatic effect on our country.

Ben Carson claimed real equity in government will come by hiring more conservatives.
The vast majority of federal workers are Democrats; they often stall Republicans’ plans.
Carson is working to recruit conservatives to work in federal agencies.
Source: Washington Examiner


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