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(AUDIO) Leaked Voicemail Shows Joe Biden BEGGING Hunter To Seek Help for Drug Addiction After Purchasing Firearm

On Monday, The Daily Mail published audio of Joe Biden pleading with his son Hunter to get treatment for his heroin addiction.

According to reports, the audio clip was made on October 15, 2018, three days after Hunter allegedly lied when purchasing a firearm.

Biden is heard pleading with Hunter to help in the message.

“It’s Dad. I called to tell you I love you. I love you more than the whole world, pal. You gotta get some help. I don’t know what to do, I know you don’t either. I’m here no matter what you need. No matter what you need, I love you,” Joe Biden said in his message.

“The actual audio is heartbreaking,” tweeted Newsmax Foreign Correspondent Alex Salvi.

From the Daily Mail:

Joe Biden knew about Hunter’s drug-fueled meltdown at the time his son bought a gun and lied about being a drug user on the sworn purchase form, a voicemail from the president to his son reveals.

Biden sounds close to tears in the voicemail left on Hunter’s abandoned laptop on October 15 – three days after Hunter bought the gun and lied about being a drug addict – begging him to get help.


On October 12, 2018 Hunter Biden bought a .38 caliber pistol from a Delaware gun store. About two weeks later his lover and brother’s widow Hallie Biden found it ‘unlocked’ in his truck and threw it in a grocery store trash can. Its discovery sparked a police investigation.

The incident is reportedly one of the potential crimes that federal law enforcement have enough evidence on to charge the First Son, according to a Washington Post report Thursday.

Hunter wrote on the Firearm Transaction Record that he did not use unlawful drugs, but admitted in his memoir that he was a crack addict at the time. Lying on the federal form is a felony.

Hunter Biden has been open about his history of drug use and his struggles with addiction, while his father has previously said he’s proud of his son for overcoming addiction.

After he aired the voicemail on Monday, Hannity said: “It’s actually sad.”

“Now that voicemail reportedly came at the exact same time Hunter lied on a gun application to buy a handgun,” he said.

“By the way, replace the name Biden with Trump and imagine how the mob and the media would be covering all of this,” the Fox News host added. “Instead, they’d rather perpetuate one hoax after another, just like they did with the dirty Steele dossier.”

Hannity was referring to a disputed opposition research report about former President Donald Trump which contained many claims that have not been verified.

Some social media users were critical of Hannity for airing the voicemail and defended Biden’s comments to his son.

“A parent expressing love and concern for their child is scandalous? Not sure I understand,” wrote podcast host Rachel Vindman.

Journalist Aaron Rupar shared a still showing a quote from the voicemail displayed during Hannity’s show and wrote: “what a monster.”


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