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Ashli Babbit Named Woman Of The Year

Great news, Patriots! Ashli Babbit, the hero of the January 6th patriot rally at the Capitol, is finally being recognized for her sacrifice.

She will receive the prestigious “Woman of the Year” award from a world-renowned institution responsible for the cultural development and education of American children across the south.

Along with the award comes a substantial cash prize for Babbit’s family.

Liberals are, of course, calling the award a disgrace and attacking the panel who voted for Ashli. They seem to think that just because the award comes from a thinktank with direct ties to the KKK, the Oathkeepers, the Proud Boyz, and David Duke that they can call it “racist.”

Because of course they bring race into it. Maybe if Ashli was a different color they’d leave her memory alone.

We want to remember Ashli for what she was. An uneducated bumpkin with a warped sense of nationalism who was dumb enough to climb through a broken window being guarded by the Secret Service.

“This is the perfect case of ‘fuck around and find out,’” said historian Joe Barron, “Ashli will go down in history as the moment those morons realized they weren’t gonna win.”

It sounds like some folks are trying to change history, patriots, but that won’t happen. Governors across the south are already issuing executive orders that ensure Babbit will be a hero in textbooks in their state.

God bless America.

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