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Arrest Donald Trump And Republican Leaders? Keith Olbermann Just Demanded The President Be Removed

Keith Olbermann was once a sports commentator. But now, it appears he’s back on politics, doing his usual bang-up job.

He has a reputation for making wild accusations and crazy demands. But what he said recently just might top them all.

Olbermann made one of the most stunning demands about Trump and Republican leaders ever:


More from the Daily Caller:

Former ESPN and MSNBC host Keith Olbermann called for the arrests of Tucker Carlson and President Donald Trump on Twitter.

Olbermann tweeted Thursday evening that “It is necessary to remove, and arrest, the president of the United States. Tonight.”

Olbermann, TV host and media of the mainstream media, went to Twitter to demand Trump and Tucker Carlson to be arrested that night.

We’ve seen wild claims made by Democrats over the years, but never something like direct from a so-called newsman.

Why would Olbermann be making this kind of demand, if he was really confident Biden won the election?

If Trump had lost and conceded, then Democrats would have no reason to attack him anyone. He’d be gone. No more Trump to worry about.

But if Trump is likely to bring the election the Supreme Court and fix any “problems” we’re seeing with the counting, perhaps he’s going to stick around for a bit long.

Which sparked Olbermann’s wild tweets.

Or maybe this is what Democrats really want? After all, they impeached Trump last year and never hesitated to throw accusations at him.

For a long time, we’ve questioned the left’s respect for our democracy and free and open elections. They claimed Trump “stole” 2016 with help from Russia.

Today all sorts of problems are popping up with counting ballots.

And now Olbermann wants Trump arrested. Maybe these guys aren’t as democratic as they claim?

Key Takeaways:
Keith Olbermann took to Twitter to demand Trump and other conservatives arrested.
Olbermann was previously a sports commentator but has a history of making political attacks.
Source: Daily Caller, YouTube


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