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Appeals Judge Strikes Down Executive Privilege, Unseals Benghazi Documents 18 Years Early

The families of the Benghazi victims may be able to seek justice 18 years ahead of the schedule handed to them by Hillary Clinton. When she declared Executive Privilege on the incident in 2011, she made sure the records from the West Wing were sealed for a long time to come.

The Honorable Justice Sandy Batt of the 71st District US Court of Appeals and Patents ruled that the order to seal the documents under executive privilege was unlawful, because Barack Obama, not Hillary Clinton, was the President at the time:

“Hillary Clinton had no authority in 2011 to seal the Benghazi documents. Therefore, they shall be unsealed and handed over to the Senate Select Committee on Benghazi, which was disbanded 5 years ago, so they may continue their important work.”

The families of the victims say they’re very happy that conservative conspiracy theories and unbridled ignorance has kept their loved ones in the hearts and minds of idiots everywhere who refuse to understand how reality works.

President Trump, who is currently wintering at Mar a Lago while his attorneys figure out a way to have him reinstated to his rightful place as ruler of America, says he’s all for executive privilege, just not where he’s not the executive:

“Executives should be transparent unless. Unless what they less in under the executive. Then we have a great thing. And less. We have executive less instead of more, because who can you really trust? Me. That’s who.”

His wisdom truly is easy to imitate. Just type words. Make sure there are nouns and verbs and adjectives, in no particular order. Historians will marvel at his brilliance for centuries to come.

God bless America.

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