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Adam Schiff’s Daughter is Dating the Whistleblower

Sources in the office of the Director of Information for the RNC have revealed that they have proof that the whistleblower isn’t just a Democrat operative — she’s dating Adam Schiff’s daughter. Karen Schiff, the 26-year-old pharmaceutical rep from California, worked in the same research lab as the whistleblower’s half-sister, Yolanda.

According to our source, who may or may not know Yolanda personally, the two have been dating for more than two years, meaning the whistleblower has had access to the Schiff family for a long time. They’ve had more than enough time to plan this whole thing.

Investigators are currently putting together a case to present to the Justice Department so they can blow this thing wide open and show the American people just how shifty Adam Schiff really is. The team’s spokesman, Art Tubolls, says they won’t rest until the whistleblower sees justice:

“This person blew his whistle in the direction of the greatest man ever to hold the office of the President of the United States. He needs to be prosecuted for treason and held accountable for his actions.

“Just because someone witnesses the President committing a crime doesn’t give this guy, who wasn’t even in the room when it happened, the right to tell other people about it. Apparently, he’s never heard the term ‘snitches get stitches.’

“We won’t rest until he’s locked up forever. We may also seek charges against Jessica Schiff for her involvement and her dad, Adam, for orchestrating the whole thing.”

It sounds like the Schiff family is in over their heads on this one. Let’s hope they’re taken down before they can cause the American people even more embarrassment by exposing the president’s crimes. It sounds like they have a tough road ahead of them.

President Trump hasn’t commented or tweeted about the development yet, telling aides close to him that he prefers to take the high road in these types of situations rather than bringing more attention to the matter.

That’s what classy looks like, Democrats. You should all take notes.


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