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Adam Schiff Under Investigation for Sharing Classified Information with Russia

The Russia inquiry was nothing but a hoax, created by Democrats as they protected themselves from being exposed as it was the Democrats who are in bed with Russians and who are influenced by Putin. They pointed fingers and accused Trump of exactly what they were guilty of.

Now the world is finding out just how deeply involved the left is with this foreign power. Indictments will finally be issued sometime soon maybe, according to reliable online rumors. Today, we discovered that none other than Adam Schiff is suspected of supplying Russia with classified intelligence and is currently under investigation.

This particular investigation should surprise no one. After all, it was Schiff who led the impeachment inquiry in the House earlier this year. All of his smoke and mirrors was merely a distraction from himself.

It seems that Mr. Schiff provided Russia with information on our economic state, job numbers, trade figures, and so forth. None of this information is public which makes the sharing of it a criminal matter. The possibility of a charge of treason has been floated, so we are told.

When asked for a comment, the offices of Schiff and of the DNC rudely refused to provide one except to say that the whole idea was preposterous. Upon receiving this response, AG Barr had this to say:

“It’s obvious that they’re hiding something. That denial is what launched an immediate investigation. Denial from a Democrat always indicates guilt. We will get to the bottom of this. I don’t like treason. It’s not good.”

Many members of the new intelligence community, namely QAnon groups on Facebook, have revealed all of this information and more. The web of deceit is immense. Democrats have their hands in everything you could possibly imagine that is criminal and immoral. Finally, they are being brought to justice.

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