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Actress Sandra Bullock: ‘I Would Say “F*ck You” To Anyone Who Wants Donald Trump To…’

There’s apparently a considerable amount of misinformation about Sandra Bullock on the Internet. So much, in fact, that Stephen Colbert decided to make up a whole new game to give her a chance to set the record straight.

During a Monday appearance on The Late Show to promote her new Netflix movie Birdbox — in which she stars alongside her Ocean’s 8 costar Sarah Paulson — Bullock weighed in on the difficulties of filming half of a movie blindfolded before playing a round of the true or false-esque game “Bullock or Bollocks.”

“There’s been so much written about you over the years because you’re a big star, you’re an actual serious movie star. This is why I haven’t had a chance to talk to you yet, because you’re such a big deal,” Colbert explained.

“As we were preparing for this interview, we found so many things out about you and I didn’t know if they were true or not. So I was hoping we could do a fact-check now with you.”

Bullock went on to reveal —among other tidbits — that while she is allergic to horses, it wasn’t Robert Duvall who taught her how to salsa dance.


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