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A ‘Livid’ Whoopi Goldberg Is Threatening To Quit The View Over Suspension: Report

Whoopi Goldberg is furious with her suspension over her Holocaust comments and is threatening to quit the hit show according to sources who spoke to The New York Post.

The New York Post has been all over this story and reported before Whoopi’s suspension that the ABC brass was furious with Whoopi and action against Goldberg was coming in some form.

Now, the Post’s sources are saying Whoopi is ‘livid’ with her suspension and feels humiliated by ABC executives. The Post is also reporting that Whoopi is so angry she is telling people she will quit.

“She feels ABC executives mishandled this. She followed their playbook. She went on ‘The Late Show With Steven Colbert’ and then apologized again on ‘The View’ the next day,” a source told the Post.

“Her ego has been hurt and she’s telling people she’s going to quit,” the source added before saying she was ‘livid’ and felt humiliated because the bar is very low to get suspended from The View.

“Suspension from ‘The View’ is like getting suspended from Bravo. The bar is very low,” the source said.

From Yahoo:

Whoopi Goldberg has been suspended from The View for two weeks over her Monday remarks about the Holocaust, and most of her co-hosts are furious with the network, sources told The Daily Beast.

…“People are really upset and don’t understand why it took two days,” an ABC executive told The Daily Beast. But multiple sources said that Goldberg’s co-hosts Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar, and Ana Navarro are furious with the network’s decision.

Navarro, a regular guest host who was on Monday’s broadcast, later told The Daily Beast how sad she was about the entire saga.

“I love Whoopi Goldberg. I love The View,” she said on Tuesday evening. “This was an incredibly unfortunate incident. Whoopi is a lifelong ally to the Jewish community. She is not an antisemite. Period. I am sad. And I have nothing else to say.”

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