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33 Republicans Find Democrats Slipped In Eye-Opening Tax – They Are Trying To Make Married Couples Pay Up With Major Tax Increase

Democrats are rushing headlong to get Biden’s bloated spending bill passed. As usual, they want to make this bill law, before most people can even see what’s in it. But Republicans are peeling back the layers and discovering some serious problems. We know that this bill amounted to a socialist takeover of our economy. Biden wants to put millions of …

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Twitter Users, Don Jr. Notice Something About Karine Jean-Pierre’s Dress

Biden’s New Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Is Called Out by Twitter, Don Jr. for Wearing $65 Dress Designed by Ivanka Trump President Joe Biden’s new press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had a fashion faux pas – as she was pictured posing at the White House in a dress designed by Ivanka Trump. The internet is reeling after Jean-Pierre, 47 – who …

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Trump’s Reaction to Shooting Exact Opposite from Biden, Obama – They Go After 2nd Amendment While Donald Mourns, Thanks Police

The nation was shocked this week, after a mass shooting in Texas. While people are mourning the tragedy, the left gave their expected reactions. As usual, they pushed politics. From Breitbart: Former President Barack Obama responded to Tuesday’s attack on Robb Elementary School by criticizing the “gun lobby” and pushing for “action” on guns now… “…our country is paralyzed, not …

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Whoopi Goldberg labels House GOP members ‘domestic terrorists’

The ladies of “The View” sat down on Thursday and it didn’t take long for co-host Whoopi Goldberg to refer to House Republicans as “domestic terrorists.” The discussion began when the group noted that the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act had passed Wednesday with the support of all Democrats, but only one Republican, Adam Kinzinger, R – Illinois. This legislation will …

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BREAKING: Senate Passes $40 Billion Package to Ukraine, Blocks $48 Billion Aid for Restaurants and Other Small Businesses

The overwhelming majority of Democrat and Republican Senators hate Americans. And they HATE their constituents with a passion. The U.S. Senate voted 88-11 to pass the $40 billion aid package to Ukraine. Senate Votes To Pass $40 Billion Ukraine Aid Bill https://t.co/7mmhPX5VHp — zerohedge (@zerohedge) May 19, 2022 BREAKING Senate passes $40 billion in aid to Ukraine, sending bill to …

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Texas Conservatives win 10 of 11 spots in major school board victory

According to unofficial data, all but a few of the 11 conservative education department candidates in Tarrant County who were supported this year by many high-profile contributors and big-money PACs trounced their rivals during Saturday’s local elections. The one candidate sponsored by the organizations who did not win outright goes to a June runoff election. The school board contests in …

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