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Trump’s Reaction to Shooting Exact Opposite from Biden, Obama – They Go After 2nd Amendment While Donald Mourns, Thanks Police

The nation was shocked this week, after a mass shooting in Texas. While people are mourning the tragedy, the left gave their expected reactions. As usual, they pushed politics. From Breitbart: Former President Barack Obama responded to Tuesday’s attack on Robb Elementary School by criticizing the “gun lobby” and pushing …

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BREAKING: Senate Passes $40 Billion Package to Ukraine, Blocks $48 Billion Aid for Restaurants and Other Small Businesses

The overwhelming majority of Democrat and Republican Senators hate Americans. And they HATE their constituents with a passion. The U.S. Senate voted 88-11 to pass the $40 billion aid package to Ukraine. Senate Votes To Pass $40 Billion Ukraine Aid Bill https://t.co/7mmhPX5VHp — zerohedge (@zerohedge) May 19, 2022 BREAKING Senate …

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