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#ImpeachBiden Trends on Twitter as Frustration over His Policies Mount

Biden hasn’t just had a bad week or two, he’s had a bad month. His policies have largely failed to do anything good for America, whatever his lackeys proclaim on Twitter. Whether it’s a war with Ukraine that almost no one who would actually have to go fight it wants to happen, open border policies that are placing a heavy …

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Govt. Contractor Unknowingly Rats Out Biden, “If This Gets Out, The Government Is BETRAYING The American People”

Under Barak Obama, the national discussion on the how-to process and define illegal aliens started to change. Eventually Obama arbitrarily, illegally, passed DACA, a de facto amnesty bill via a Presidential Executive Order. Under Biden, DHS Secretary Mayokas has encouraged the invasion of illegal aliens by reinstating catch & release and by stopping the Remain In Mexico policy. In addition, …

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Kid Rock Pledges Not to Perform in Venues Requiring the Jab

Hot off the heels of releasing his hilarious, brilliant “We the People” song, one which attacks Fauci and Brandon for their policies, Kid Rock is striking another blow for freedom. Now, in addition to going after the jab policies of the Covid tyrants in music, he’s going after them in reality too, pledging that he won’t perform in any venue that …

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BREAKING: Mail-in Ballots Found Unconstitutional by Pennsylvania Court, State Ordered to Follow Election Law

A Pennsylvania court has ruled that the mass mail-in ballots that played a pivotal role in the 2020 election chaos are unconstitutional. The Commonwealth Court ruled that Act 77, which allowed residents no-excuse absentee vote by mail in Pennsylvania, violates Article VII, Section 1 of the Pennsylvania constitution. The Acting Secretary for the Pennsylvania Department of State had his application …

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Kid Rock Wrecks Brandon and Fauci in an Epic Song

Kid Rock, the country-rock singer that became one of President Trump’s most valiant high-profile supporters, just dropped the hammer on Fauci, dedicating an entire song to tearing the short, wizened, raspy-voiced tyrant to pieces. Given that it’s released by such a huge name, a highly-popular figure, it’s hilarious that it was even released, and doubly funny that it’s become so …

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‘Today is a Good Day’: Four European Nations Announce End to Covid Restrictions

Four European nations are defying the international trend of maintaining restrictive Covid-19 measures. Ireland has imposed some of the most repressive pandemic measures in Europe, but nonetheless recorded the highest infection rate in the world in early January. On Friday, Prime Minister Micheal Martin announced the nation would be scrapping almost all its COVID-19 restrictions. “We have weathered the Omicron …

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