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Govt. Contractor Unknowingly Rats Out Biden, “If This Gets Out, The Government Is BETRAYING The American People”

Under Barak Obama, the national discussion on the how-to process and define illegal aliens started to change. Eventually Obama arbitrarily, illegally, passed DACA, a de facto amnesty bill via a Presidential Executive Order. Under Biden, DHS Secretary Mayokas has encouraged the invasion of illegal aliens by reinstating catch & release …

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Kid Rock Wrecks Brandon and Fauci in an Epic Song

Kid Rock, the country-rock singer that became one of President Trump’s most valiant high-profile supporters, just dropped the hammer on Fauci, dedicating an entire song to tearing the short, wizened, raspy-voiced tyrant to pieces. Given that it’s released by such a huge name, a highly-popular figure, it’s hilarious that it …

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