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Adam Schiff’s Daughter is Dating the Whistleblower

Sources in the office of the Director of Information for the RNC have revealed that they have proof that the whistleblower isn’t just a Democrat operative — she’s dating Adam Schiff’s daughter. Karen Schiff, the 26-year-old pharmaceutical rep from California, worked in the same research lab as the whistleblower’s half-sister, …

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Abbott Says Texas Border Wall Will Be ‘Electrified’

“Don’t mess with Texas,” the old saying goes.  The Lone Star State has always had it’s own unique brand of pride and cartoonishly violent stubbornness, for a former Mexican territory that couldn’t even manage to hold down one fort and has legally outlawed the Encyclopedia Britannica.  Not kidding. In a …

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Ashli Babbit Named Woman Of The Year

Great news, Patriots! Ashli Babbit, the hero of the January 6th patriot rally at the Capitol, is finally being recognized for her sacrifice. She will receive the prestigious “Woman of the Year” award from a world-renowned institution responsible for the cultural development and education of American children across the south. …

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