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AOC Loses Congressional Seat After Census Results

To the delight of many potatriots and conservative human lint rollers online and in nursing homes everywhere, news has broken that thanks to what are probably overblown, if not dickheadedly twisted reports from the usual Newsmax and Fox News simpletons, Representitive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will lose her position completely, thanks to …

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Obama Spotted At White House Every Day Last Week

Former President Barack Obama hasn’t been in office since January of 2017, but that hasn’t stopped him from being at the White House. Obama has been spotted and photographed at the White House every single day in the last week, and sources say he’s been a constant fixture there since …

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Trump Wins $400M Slander Lawsuit Against Pelosi

It’s been years in the making and no one is more pleased to have it over with than President Donald J. Trump. After battling one of the vilest women in congress, Nancy Pelosi, Trump has come out victorious! His favorite attorney, Rudy Gullioni filed a lawsuit against Pelosi in her …

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