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14 Democrats Arrested For Rigging Elections

14 of the 17 Democrats who won elections in California have had their victories stripped. They are now sitting in a federal jail on charges of election fraud. Democrats being removed means their Republican counterparts automatically advance to the House and Senate in January. The 14 include one white guy, 4 Muslims, …

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New Poll Finds Donald Trump Ahead 61 Points for 2024 Race

In a research survey conducted just last month by pillionaire Mike Lindell and his independent Pillowtatriot Foundation, former President Donald Trump is easily leading the pack for both the Republican party nomination and Presidency, looking ahead to the 2024 election. The poll, which included one hundred participants questioned from Lindell’s …

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Trump Wins $400M Slander Lawsuit Against Pelosi

It’s been years in the making and no one is more pleased to have it over with than President Donald J. Trump. After battling one of the vilest women in congress, Nancy Pelosi, Trump has come out victorious! His favorite attorney, Rudy Gullioni filed a lawsuit against Pelosi in her …

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