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14 Of Biden’s Cabinet Members Say He’s ‘Unfit to Lead’

Joe Biden’s cabinet has reportedly been meeting every day for more than a week to discuss how they’ll convince him to step down. According to our source, who may or may not have direct knowledge of the situation or actual access, the end is near for Creepy Joe.

So far, 14 members of the cabinet have signed off. According to the source, most of them have said they will be much better off serving Kamala Harris. One guy even said he’d rather have Trump back than sit through another meeting with Biden.

The cabinet says if Biden doesn’t step down, they’ll invoke the 25th and 26th Amendment and aren’t opposed to using the 28th if necessary. Under the 14th, they are legally obligated to do so.

Nobody really knows if their attempt will be successful, as the Democrats have been rallying around Biden for stimulating the economy, effectively managing the vaccine distribution and helping get us back to normal and being a “decent human being” in all the other aspects of his job.

That’s not what we need, folks. We need the confusion and uncertainty of another Trump to keep us on our toes and keep the flags flying in our trucks.

Sleepy Joe will never fit that bill.

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