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12 More Years of MAGA? This CEO Just Predicted It’s Coming

Could we possibly be so lucky as to get 12 more years of the MAGA agenda once Brandon is forced out of office in 2024? According to a Gettr CEO Jason Miller, who appeared on a recent Sky News segment, that’s coming. The bad orange man must have seen his bad orange shadow.

In his view, Trump will run and win in 2024, securing his second term and reviving America after four horrible years under Brandon. Then, with Trump having used up both of his terms, Miller predicts that DeSantis will step in to pick up where Trump left off and continue carrying the MAGA banner.

Speaking on Trump running, Miller said “I don’t think we’ll hear any sort of announcement until 2023, maybe late 2022. I don’t think he will be running against Joe Biden, though. I think he will be running against Kamala Harris, or, more likely, California governor Gavin Newsom.”

Greasy Gavin and Cackling Kamala are both horrible beyond belief, so Trump would likely be able to clinch that victory and put the MAGA agenda back in the Oval Office.

Miller then predicted that DeSantis would wait to run until later, wanting to be president rather than vice president. In his words:

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Governor DeSantis before, and I don’t think Ron wants to be Vice-President. I think Ron wants to be President. He’s a young guy, he’s in his early 40s.

That fits with what DeSantis has said publically, arguing that he wouldn’t want to run in 2024 and instead is just focused on winning the gubernatorial race. As he put it:

All the speculation about me is purely manufactured. I just do my job and we work hard… I hear all this stuff and honestly, it’s nonsense.

Further, with Florida’s gubernatorial race happening in 2022 and DeSantis running in it (and having a major step up over the competition), the timing would work well.

DeSantis would be able to keep setting an example for red state governors in Florida while Trump revived the MAGA agenda and then, when his second term was up, start gearing up for his 2028 presidential candidacy.

By then, most concerns about him not having enough of a record would likely be alleviated and he wouldn’t have to go head to head with Trump, a fight that could splinter the MAGA movement.

That idea of Trump running and winning in 2024 with DeSantis then following him for eight years excited the Sky News host, who responded to Miller’s comments about Trump and DeSantis by saying “So what you’re saying is Trump 2024, DeSantis 2028, and 2032. Perfect. We’ve got 12 great years coming… You’ve given us all hope!

Hope indeed. Brandon’s presidency has been terrible, but Trump is rising in the polls as Brandon and Democrats suffer, so there will likely be a very real opportunity for him to run and win in 2024. At least we have that to look forward to as we struggle under the yoke of Brandon’s tyranny and incompetence.

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